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  The Foot Facial Is Your Grandma抯 Pedicure?

Feet are finally getting the attention they deserve. In fact, for women, foot care is becoming as important as face, especially in summer. So, are we talking pedicures here? Hardly.
Pedicures are nice, but way down on the hot list of foot care phenomena. We抮e talking laser peels and injections so feet can look their very best in Manolo Blahniks and the like. Yes, blame 揝ex and the City for making women want to wear sexier shoes and have better-looking feet to go with them.

Foot care product maker fin treatment, and 揅old Feet, a pedicure that alternates hot and cold therapies tologists, podiatrists and aestheticians, exfoliates and moisturizes 揻oot facials and offers Restylane injections to make wearing high heels more comfy.

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