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Do you give your feet the pampering they deserve? Think about it. Our feet have a tough job. We walk around all day in high heels, stand for hours, tread on all sorts of uneven surfaces. And our feet not only have to put up with all this, but they have to do it while supporting our entire body weight! So give your feet a break � and inject some tender loving care into their lives. Indulge your feet with the perfect pedicure.
  • Soak your feet in a tub of hot, soapy water.
  • Add salt and essence oils (if you have any).
  • Using a foot file (or a pumice stone or any other scrub), scrub your feet lightly.
  • Remove from tub and wipe your feet with a soft towel
  • Apply a generous amount of cream on your feet till a few inches above the ankles.
  • If you have rose water, keep some in a spray bottle and spray on your feet before starting the pedicure, and a couple of times during the pedicure.
  • Push back your cuticles gently with a cuticle buffer. You can also use this buffer to clean your nails.
  • Clip your toenails. The best way to clip toenails is to go straight across, rounding them off slightly at the ends.
  • Dab a cotton pad with nail polish remover and use it to take off your old polish. Gently press the cotton on your nail, and wipe the polish off, using strokes in the outward direction only.
  • Massage each foot for 5-10 minutes. Concentrate on the heels, and any other dry and cracked areas of the foot.
  • Separate your toes with tiny wedges of cotton, and apply two coats of nail polish. Remember to let the polish dry before applying a second coat.


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