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How to use pumice stone

1. Always use Feet First pumice with soap and water.
2. Use in the tub, shower, or basin when skin is soaked and softened.
3. Wet Feet First pumice sponge with water. Rub on bar of soap or use liquid soap. Rub back and forth on heels or corns or calluses.
4. On heavy build up on heels, corns or calluses, use 3 to 5 consecutive days, removing small amounts each day. (To prevent soreness, do not remove a heavy callus, corn or heel build-up all at one time.) Then use once a week to maintain comfort.
5. Feet First pumice sponge may be used on hands, for removing grease, grime, stain, paint, glue, ink, tree sap, etc. If calluses are needed for protection in work or sports, only the top layer need be removed to clean the hands or feet and remove roughness.

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